The success met by Mary as a Practitioner is the culmination of her clinical experience and education at New York’s highly accredited Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, coalescing with her expanded comprehension, translation and application of relevant, modern health issues into the context of Chinese Medicine, and of her own personal exploration into the depths of disease.  She has been diagnosed and successfully treated by Eastern Medicine for multiple chronic issues, including Ulcerative Colitis and Neurological Lyme Disease.

Acupuncture works succinctly to both prevent disease and heal broad-range illness. Together we cultivate an internal environment so attuned to healthy patterns, that your body is no longer hospitable to chronic and debilitating disease and is prepared to protect you and whatever your highest intentions may be.

The diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis I received also came with a lifetime warranty, according to my Gastroenterologist in 1999. In 2012, I began Graduate school for Chinese Medicine and receiving regular Acupuncture treatments, I've been in remission ever since. When my Acupuncturist told me that it's entirely possible to heal from chronic conditions like mine, a wave of steadfast hope and relief restored my strength, my ability to heal innately. What allowed me to break free from that pattern of disharmony was a change in perspective. I became conscious of the fact that I didn't have to be sick and that it's my responsibility to challenge what I'm told. My professional integrity is held in that responsible and the oath I swore to provide the best possible care. 

Conscious evolution.

By redefining and refining how we finance & fuel our day-to-day lives, meaning, what foods we eat and how,what ideas we feel our minds and whom with,we can come to know a life adored. -

Mary Deminie, L.Ac.

Prior to practicing Chinese Medicine, Mary operated an In-Home Healthcare Company for the elderly and it was through her love of the work that she found the profound healing capabilities of Acupuncture. She holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and will be extending a long line of familial healers and nurses by bringing you a deep sense of health and awareness.

Mary currently lives in the state of New York, dancing between Brooklyn & the East End. She has a daily practice of Meditation & Yoga - Kundalini & QiGong, a devout student of the Sciences - Medicine & Quantum Physics, and Artist of Calligraphy.