When we stop fearing the pain and have the capacity to handle the discomfort long enough, we can 'learn to love the flames as much as the fire'

Life can be a firestorm at times and untamed we leaves us feeling out of control. Our lives are complex. We are within an emerging paradigm that is bringing to light all the unseen forces at play in the world, like electricity, the internet; in language, emotions, and vibes. Laterally aligned with this contemporary evolution, we have seen this medicine grow exponentially throughout the world over the past 300 years. However, many people discover acupuncture only after exhausting other medical options and are astounded at how comprehensive the perspective and healing capacity. Whether from nutritional guidance to cure those ailing headaches or postural adjustments that can stabilize your energy throughout the day, you can be sure that the care you receive will be effective for you.

Chinese Medicine is committed to the principle of uncovering the specific and fundamental causes of disease and to providing patients with a realistic plan of care. Idiopathic is a term unknown in our context. 

My goal with each patient is to cultivate sustainable health by recognizing in you the reactionary patterns (to pathogenic factors like the flu, to other people, to your emotions, to the world) and commit to helping you resolve negative patterns that result in unhealthy energetic responses. 

Meaning, it is my intention to appropriate not just the body’s basic ability to function, but to access your highest ability to function healthfully and react magnificently to whatever life is offering.