classical chinese medicinE


Chinese Medicine is designed to restore flow throughout the body by examining and prioritizing the body’s reaction and response quality to the internal and external natural and necessary fluctuations in life, and to pathogens. We focus on the response, rather than the pathogen.  You, rather than the illness.

This effectiveness of this Medicine speaks to the holistic and preventative approach of its foundation. As a Practitioner, this broad-based Medicine facilitates a very rich understanding of your health and accurately focuses in on the origin of disease. I value the quality of care that Integrative Medicine provides, and acknowledge that specific aspects of Western medicine; for example, emergency care, excel.

Chinese Medicine, however, is rooted in the principle and practice of uncovering the specific and fundamental causes of dysfunction if your life.

Idiopathic is a term unknown in our context.


All matter is energy, the rate at which that energy is vibrating determines the precise physical manifestation. By altering your energy frequency, we can change the structure of matter, we can cultivate in you vital health. The Eastern Art of Classical Chinese Medicine is a vibrational Medicine that integrates the empirical biological sciences with the more subtly powerful energies that make us who we are.

Its effects can be measured and quantified but the quality of its efficacy is rooted deeply in the comprehension of the unseen forces embedded within life.
— Mary Deminie

This holistic system of medicine will provide us with a thorough analysis of your state of health. It is my avocation to appropriate not simply the dysfunctional areas in your body or life, but the quality of your ability to function healthfully and react appropriately to external biological pathogenic factors and life. to thoroughly analyze your state of health. Questions about your health numbering beyond what most people are accustomed to will be asked of you, but assuredly without any personal judgement. I am here to hold space for you in which to heal, there is no room or use for criticism. My position is to understand not just your basic ability or inability to function, but the quality of your ability to function healthfully and react appropriately to external biological factors and to life.


My goal is to recognize the patterns that your health follows, reactionary patterns (to pathogenic factors, like the flu, to your emotions, to other people, to the world) and teach you how to recognize and commit to resolving negative patterns that block you from feeling vibrant in your life. We will be examining the “why” when a virus exploits an area some people get sick and others do not. And look at what we need to do, then, to shift your biological response to be more refined and harmonized throughout your system. 

When we look at “Imbalance” through the scope of Classical Chinese Medicine as a cause of disease, from a case of Fluid Imbalance we are portending the possibility of an emotional ‘flood’ or ‘draught’ as the cause or cousin of it. Just like a “pain in the neck”, which is generally associated with frustration.