"Demolishing one's own boundaries does not make the relative world vanish; it adds another dimension of reality to it - reality becomes unbounded. When the walls are down the world can expand."





The name comes from the skin discoloration it produces, or transitory therapeutic petechiae called ‘sha’.

Gua Sha is an adjunct therapy that uses an instrument with a rounded edge to repeatedly stimulate and scrape an area of the body, a therapeutic oil is applied to reduce surface friction, with the intention of drawing up stagnant blood and fluid.

This sha therapy also dissipates and release heat within the body creating an Anti-inflammatory effect that helps support the Immune System

It works on the connective tissue, the lymphatic system, superficial and deep muscles, and dermal layers to promote detoxification, muscle release, and circulation. Because of its positive affect on circulation, Gua Sha is also very helpful for coughs, respiratory conditions, and colds.

Temporary skin discoloration is a common side effect, as mentioned, the outcome is similar to mild bruising. Aftercare should be taken into consideration, keeping the area covered and protected for 24 hours after the treatment.




Moxabustion means the burning of Moxa. The Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) plant is dried, crushed and rolled into sticks to be used as Indirect Moxa or rolled into small cones for Direct Moxa therapy. The stick or the cones are then burned and held over or directly on specific acupuncture points, applying traditional techniques to elicit a more controlled and desired effect. The heat level is constantly monitored by the Practitioner, safety and comfort are critical.

It improves blood and lymph circulation; and strengthens both the Immune and Digestive systems by being proven to increase white blood cell and red blood cell counts. It is considered a warming, moving, and stimulating therapy, found to be highly effective and equal to acupuncture in the treatment of many conditions; including:

  • PAIN
  • BREECH PREGNANCY (69%-85% success rate of righting breech pregnancies.)

Because it provides support to both the Digestive and Immune systems, Moxa is also widely used as an excellent form of preventative care.



Being the largest organ on the human body, 20% of our blood volume continuously flows through the skin. That is an extraordinary amount of processing, filtering, and balancing, most of which is maintained by the capillary system.

There are many forms of cupping, all of which have been applied throughout the history of the Medicine. Traditionally, Fire Cupping is most commonly used. A vacuum is created using fire within the cups, they are then quickly placed on areas of the skin for several minutes up to approximately 15 minutes. This helps to promote blood flow, circulation, detoxification, it releases knotted muscles, fascia, and more.

Suction cups can also be used, again, pulling to the surface any stagnation held beneath for recirculation, but without the use of fire. Silicon suction cups make it possible to easily slide the cups over large areas and bone, such as over the spine, back and even the diaphragm, releasing great tension. Aside from the immediate and long term medical aid it provides, this therapy often feels amazing.

It’s important to know that cupping often causes discoloration on the skin that can last from several days to a week. Aftercare with cupping is also very important, keeping the area covered and protected from the elements (cold, wind, water, sun). We ask that you avoid bathing for approximately 24 hours afterward will ensure a smoother healing process.

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Similar to Myofascial release, many people find Tui Na beneficial for sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, and sore muscle and tight tendons.