My Personal Experience with Neurological Lyme Disease

As the years became occupied by life-threatening pain, I became what I now call the conscious observer. Observing the systemic destruction from behind an indestructible glass wall as these highly intelligent parasites flooded my brain and nervous system, I witnessed the destruction of a life a once loved.

But I didn’t fight. Instead I stayed.

Even when there was nothing left to stay for, I stayed. I was treated solely by Eastern and various forms of energy Medicine, like Acupuncture and Kundalini with Dr. Heidi Lovie, and years of Healing Touch with Dr. Aimée Derbes. Guiding me to an incredible recovery, the gift of healing wisdom gained making it all worth it.With the return of my health came a depth in perspective unparalleled, and the healer in me understood what it was all for.  As the epidemic continues to spread stealthily worldwide, I will be the Light holding space for those who are suffering with Lyme.