“It is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illness.”

- Barbara Brennan


From minor aches and pains to chronic life-debilitating diseases, Acupuncture and additional forms of Chinese Medicine have been practiced as safe and effective methods of healthcare for nearly 4,000 years. 

Acupuncture is the gentle insertion and stimulation of thin, disposable, and sterile needles at strategic points on the body. Acupuncture is considered a safe, noninvasive medical procedure. A Treatment generally includes anywhere from 5 to 25 needles that are retained for approximately 25 to 35 minutes. These factors, as well as the number of prescribed treatments, vary based on your current state of health and the duration of your health condition.

Based on your precise diagnosis, a treatment plan is developed, which includes a point prescription using acupuncture points. Needles are then placed on these points along the entire body; specifically, on what are referred to as Acupuncture Channels or Meridians. These channels compose a dynamic system of energetic fields that are interrelated in form and function. Similar to the way the tensegrity network of our fascia (connective tissue) functions to create a working body.

Chinese Medicine is designed to restore flow throughout the body. By examining the body’s response to both internal and external, natural and necessary fluctuations and potential pathogenic factors, like the flu, we can develop a cohesive picture of your health.

T H I S  I S  W H E R E  W E  B E G I N.


when 'i' IS REPLACED with 'we' even illness becomes wellness 


Only if your internal environment is conducive to viral proliferation will you present flu symptoms.

Therefore, we focus on the response, rather than the pathogen. You, rather than the illness.

My goal with each patient is to cultivate sustainable health by recognizing in you the reactionary patterns (to pathogenic factors like the flu, to other people, to your emotions, to the world) and commit to helping you resolve negative patterns that result in unhealthy energetic responses. 

Meaning, it is my intention to appropriate not just the body’s basic ability to function or be dysfunctional, but to access the actual quality of your ability to function healthfully and react appropriately to whatever your life is offering. 

We are looking at the why? when a virus spreads over an area some people get sick but others do not. How can we shift your biological responses to be more refined and harmonized. 

The effectiveness of this healthcare speaks to the holistic and preventative approach at its very core. As a Practitioner, this broad-based medicine facilitates a very rich and comprehensive understanding of your health, and allows me to accurately focus in on the origin of disease. I value the quality of care that integrative medicine provides, and acknowledge that specific aspects of Western medicine; for example, emergency care, excel. 



Our main diagnostic tools include examination of the tongue, reading the pulses, listening to the heart rate and breath and to the stories of how you got here. We consider these to be The Four Pillars of Chinese Medical Diagnosis: Look, Listen/Smell, Ask, and Palpation.

The CENTURIES preceding this ancient medical wisdom has provided us with a healing system full of integrity, conducive to long-term homeostasis. Integrative Medicine focuses the best interests of the patient by breaking boundaries and using all necessary means to provide the best possible care available. Diagnostics is an area particularly supported by this principle. Seeking professional support reflects the readiness to acknowledge aspects of your life and the willingness to transform your health. The rate at which we each heal is as variable as the distinct rhythms in each of our lives.  

Orthopedic Evaluation

Neurological Testing

Abdominal Palpation

Channel Palpation

Facial Diagnosis

Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis


Disease arises when there is an impediment to flow within the body, mind or spirit, according to Classical Chinese texts. This stagnation, or blockages, occur when we currently don’t have the resources available to manage an experience; be it, a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual experience. 


Stagnation/blockage presents as an area of discomfort in your life, for example, chronic pain, depression, the feeling of going against the flow, unsatisfied with major facets of your life, or frequent loss of purpose in life.

The suppression of an emotional experience causes us to hold our eyes, our mouth, our breath, collapse our chest, clench our genitalia or all of the above, creating stress and tension locally and systemically.  

Conversely, being open and finding your flow provides evidence for the stark difference; a life that is supported by your efforts, feeling successful and satisfied in that and life, open to new things, curious, relaxed and not easily deterred by health setbacks.

It takes a village. Liberating yourself from the tensions and traumas, from holding in your breath, your stomach, or your temper ultimately requires an outside agency that can guide you through the process.



Whether due to improper diet, stress or an underlying disease, Inflammation is a major source of disease today and largely responsible for the overall decline in health many people currently experience. Inflammation is made worse by the constant stress and pressure we put ourselves under, particularly for those of us living in New York City. Dehydration caused by inflammation wears on our vasculature, our internal organs, muscle and tissue, endocrine system, circulation and mental function.

After years of mild inflammation and dehydration, what I often see as the result is a chronic skin or digestive condition/food sensitivity initially, followed by the possibility of an autoimmune condition, if not properly addressed. 

When we no longer have the resources to keep any level of sustained inflammation at bay, our body reaches deep down into the emergency funds stored at the level of the DNA to keep the system cool. The body then begins to produce phlegm in the form of chronic respiratory or sinus issues, headaches and migraines, lipomas, and cysts. This is how allergies, autoimmune, genetic and hereditary diseases become activated for many people. Having suddenly developed an allergy to foods that you’ve enjoyed you’re entire life are more than often related to this type of dehydration. Speaking of diet . . .


What's good for one isn't always good for all. Diet contributes to our general health in so many ways, especially when it comes to our emotional health. Though we’re likely to recognize the connection between food and feelings in children, so many adults eat unconsciously, seeking comfort as a form of emotional repression. Part of your treatment will generally always include addressing and adjusting when and what you eat, and developing a realistic plan made specifically for you. This is holistic healthcare. There is an old Chinese proverb that says 'it's better to eat a plate of rocks with the best company, than the most nutritious meal alone'. 


Energy + Motion gives us Emotion. Emotional health is so vital to our overall well-being, it’s what drives us to do what we do. When in a state of dysfunction, it’s also most commonly found to be the initial or root cause of most physical pain, according to Classical Chinese Medicine.



In addition to Acupuncture, and upon necessity, I will discuss with you and incorporate the following Adjunct therapies:


Gua Sha

Tui Na

Ear Seeds

Essential Oils

Magnetic & Crystal therapies

Herbal & Nutritional instruction

Postural adjustments

Visualization techniques

Qigong & Breathing exercises

acupuncture-needles-and-cupping-glasses-154039507_4288x2848 (1)_preview.jpeg

These specific techniques will attune your energy, down to the level of DNA, with that of healing frequencies, at the pace most supportive for you. Essential oils, like Chinese herbs or food, possess specific vibratory frequencies and transformative properties that function to induce and provide healing properties.Most people, under a wide variation of conditions, experience some healing efficacy within the first treatment. 

Many people also suffer from medical conditions that have existed for a decade or so, and will expect to adjust treatment periods accordingly. The treatment period required for each person will be discussed at the initial appointment, as well as at any time you have questions, or feel we need to make an adjustment. 


Moxabustion means the burning of Moxa. The Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) plant is dried, crushed and rolled into sticks to be used as Indirect Moxa or rolled into small cones for Direct Moxa therapy. The stick or the cones are then burned and held over or directly on specific acupuncture points, applying traditional techniques to elicit a more controlled and desired effect. The heat level is constantly monitored by the Practitioner, safety and comfort are critical.

It improves blood and lymph circulation; and strengthens both the Immune and Digestive systems by being proven to increase white blood cell and red blood cell counts. Because it provides support to both the Digestive and Immune systems, Moxa is also widely used as an excellent form of preventative care.

It is considered a warming, moving, and stimulating therapy, found to be highly effective and equal to acupuncture in the treatment of many conditions; including:







BREECH PREGNANCY (69%-85% success rate of righting breech pregnancies.)


Being the largest organ on the human body, 20% of our blood volume continuously flows through the skin. That is an extraordinary amount of processing, filtering, and balancing, most of which is maintained by the capillary system.

There are many forms of cupping, all of which have been applied throughout the history of the Medicine. Traditionally, Fire Cupping is most commonly used. A vacuum is created using fire within the cups, they are then quickly placed on areas of the skin for several minutes up to approximately 15 minutes. This helps to promote blood flow, circulation, detoxification, it releases knotted muscles, fascia, and more.

Suction cups can also be used, again, pulling to the surface any stagnation held beneath for re-circulation, but without the use of fire. Silicon suction cups make it possible to easily slide the cups over large areas and bone, such as over the spine, back and even the diaphragm, releasing great tension. Aside from the immediate and long term medical aid it provides, this therapy often feels amazing.

It’s important to know that cupping often causes discoloration on the skin that can last from several days to a week. Aftercare with cupping is also very important, keeping the area covered and protected from the elements (cold, wind, water, sun). We ask that you avoid bathing for approximately 24 hours afterward will ensure a smoother healing process.


Gua Sha is an adjunct therapy that uses an instrument with a rounded edge to repeatedly stimulate and scrape an area of the body, a therapeutic oil is applied to reduce surface friction, with the intention of drawing up stagnant blood and fluid. The name comes from the skin discoloration it produces, or transitory therapeutic petechiae called ‘sha’.

This sha therapy also dissipates and release heat within the body creating an Anti-inflammatory effect that helps support the Immune System.

It works on the connective tissue, the lymphatic system, superficial and deep muscles, and dermal layers to promote detoxification, muscle release, and circulation. Because of its positive affect on circulation, Gua Sha is also very helpful for coughs, respiratory conditions, and colds.

Temporary skin discoloration is a common side effect, as mentioned, the outcome is similar to mild bruising. Aftercare should be taken into consideration, keeping the area covered and protected for 24 hours after the treatment.